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Truck accidents are common on the 275,376 miles of road in Florida, and nearly 450,000 crashes were reported to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles in 2017 alone. 344,000 of those accidents involved an injury, and 4,237 were fatal. Floridians suffer significant injuries in truck collisions each year. If you find yourself with serious injuries, loss of income, and in emotional turmoil as a result of a trucking accident, James Piccolino, car accident attorney Florida, is here to help. 
Determining who is liable for the accident is challenging in trucking accidents. Multiple people could be at fault versus automobile accidents where it is likely just the driver. Truck drivers, trucking companies, truck owners, cargo loaders, mechanics, and part manufacturers are all possible defendants. 
Trucking companies are protected by powerful insurance, making it even more difficult to determine liability and move forward with a case. However, having a good attorney backing you will make it much easier to fight for your case. 
In some cases, attorneys can subpoena the black box on the truck before it is taken away. This box records speed, hard stops, and hours of service at any one time of the truck. This evidence is crucial to your case and can be accessed once you have an attorney at your side. Your attorney will also ensure no evidence is hidden from you and can obtain court orders that disable trucking companies to prevent investigations into the truck itself to determine the cause of the accident. 
Remember, the statute of limitations in Florida for personal injury is four years from the date of the accident, so you must file a lawsuit within that period to move forward with your case. James Piccolino P.A., an experienced truck accident attorney, and chiropractor is here to discuss your circumstances and assist you with your case. Give us a call at 844.452.6377.

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