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Slip and fall cases refer to personal injury cases where the injury occurred due to the injured party either slipping or tripping on someone else’s property. These accidents fall under premises liability claims, with the highest amount of people suffering from these accidents being senior adults.

These accidents can occur nearly everywhere but are most common in grocery stores, malls, public restrooms, construction zones, escalators, nightclubs and bars, public swimming pools, and restaurants.

Poorly lit areas, change in floor height, difficulty in identifying hazards (no signage), wet floors (including post-mopping and spills with no signage), removable obstacles in walkways, narrow and dimly lit staircases, potholes, and slippery floors caused by inclement weather like snow and rain are the most common contributors to slip and fall accidents. 

The bottom line is that a facility must provide warnings to areas such as these and ensure they are easy to read, protect the safety of their patrons, and prevent accidents. However, these types of personal injury cases can be a bit more difficult to prove. You must be able to prove that the accident occurred because of dangerous conditions and also that the owner was aware of these conditions, and it cannot be something you could have anticipated. 

For the property manager to be held liable, they must have been aware of the conditions for a reasonable amount of the time to take corrective action, meaning they must have been able to foresee the accident. You will also have to prove you took every step possible to prevent a fall. 

After a slip and fall accident, consider consulting with a car accident attorney in Florida. You will need help through the strenuous process of following through with your personal injury case. Call James Piccolion Law at 844.452.6377 to get started with proper legal counsel. 

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