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Litigation refers to the action between two parties, the plaintiff and defendant, working to enforce or defend a legal right. It is the process for handling disputes within the court system and is a contested action, where a judge will make a final decision for the two parties unless an agreement is reached before the trial. The litigation process may include a series of hearings, temporary orders, and executing the final orders. 

When it comes to personal injury cases, litigation refers to suing the negligent party that was the cause of injury in a civil court bringing forth this case with a car accident attorney Florida means you are seeking monetary (and in some cases other types) compensation for the injuries that occurred. Civil lawsuits consist of two parties that are called litigants, where the person suing is the plaintiff and the person being sued is the defendant. 

Not every personal injury claim goes through litigation. Some cases may be settled and reach agreements before they ever go to court. There are many reasons for this, but the common ones are the defendant settling once they learn they are being sued or through negotiations with attorneys. 

Cases that are under active litigation for personal injury cases experience similar litigation as other cases. There will be a pre-trial discovery (where both sides build their case), then the opportunity to respond to motions and attend pre-trial hearings. Finally, the case will go to trial with a judge and /or jury, where both sides will present evidence and call upon witnesses to testify, with a final decision handed out by the judge on whether or not the plaintiff will receive compensation. 

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