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What You Should Do If You Suffer Soft Tissue Injuries in a Florida Truck Accident

Paralysis, spinal cord injuries, and fatalities are common outcomes of truck accidents that make the evening news. Soft tissue injuries appear less serious and newsworthy in comparison, yet they can still cause significant pain and prevent you from working or living your life to the fullest.

Swelling or pain in the affected area after a Florida truck accident could be the first indication that a soft tissue damage has happened. Even though soft tissue injuries are relatively prevalent in truck accidents, it can be challenging to diagnose them since they cannot be seen on X-rays in the same way that fractures can. Even worse, many patients discover that symptoms may not appear for several hours or even days. A patient (and their doctor) can believe there hasn’t been any damage, only to discover later that pain has started to appear and a soft tissue injury is actually present.

It might be difficult for a patient in these circumstances to demonstrate that the damage was brought on by the truck accident, and it can be difficult to obtain compensation for the injuries. After a truck collision in Florida, if a driver files an insurance claim right away, they may receive an insurance offer before they even experience symptoms or receive a correct diagnosis for their soft tissue injuries. Accepting the insurance money could prevent them from receiving a just settlement that will pay for their injury’s medical care. The insurance provider can be dubious about the injury’s origin or assert that the damage was not brought on by the collision because no symptoms surfaced immediately.

Since soft tissue injuries can worsen if left untreated in these situations, it is crucial to seek medical attention straight away. It is also vital to consult with a Florida car accident attorney in order to ensure that, if eligible, you will receive fair compensation.

James Piccolino Law, P.A. can combine his unique medical knowledge from years of practicing chiropractic medicine with the legal knowledge to help you seek justice. Visit James Piccolino Law online to request a consultation.

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