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The Impact of Florida Truck Accidents on Families

Those who suffer severe brain injuries, spinal cord trauma, whiplash, and other major injuries as a result of a Florida truck accident can endure excruciating pain and anguish. However, experts also observe that major truck collisions have a dramatic effect on the families of the injured.

A person who sustains catastrophic injuries in a vehicle or truck accident may not be able to work again and may need years or possibly a lifetime of medical care. The patient’s medical treatments and job loss may present significant difficulties for the patient’s family. For instance, a family whose breadwinner sustained significant injuries in an accident would experience financial difficulties. It may be necessary for family members who have never worked to do so in order to make up for lost income and cover medical expenses.

Families can also struggle to work together because of the stress that comes with serious injuries or because they are unsure of how to manage a seriously injured individual. According to studies, people who have been gravely hurt in an accident may isolate themselves from their loved ones or even develop a dependency on drugs or alcohol to help them deal with the pain. 

What can be done in such circumstances? Recognizing that patients’ families also suffer is an essential first step. Psychologists often emphasize the need of family therapy and support structures for family members in assisting the entire family to cope with the consequences of an event. Support for all family members guarantees that the patient has a caring family at home and that all family members receive the necessary assistance.

Of course, family services like therapy can be quite expensive. It is one of the reasons why Florida car accident attorneys fight for just compensation for hurt people who suffered severe injuries through no fault of their own.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, James Piccolino Law, P.A. can combine his unique medical knowledge from years of practicing chiropractic medicine with the legal knowledge to help you seek justice. Visit James Piccolino Law online to request a consultation.

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