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Personal Injury Victims: How Social Media Can Impact Your Case?

Your life may be substantially changed if you get injured in an accident that was not in your control. While some injuries only take a few weeks or months to recover, many car accident victims suffer from injuries that may never completely heal or may either make it impossible for them to work at all or prevent them from doing so for the foreseeable future. For these injuries that alter your life, you should receive the utmost compensation. However, insurance companies only have their own financial interests at heart, and they profit more when they settle cases like yours for less. 

Insurance companies will employ any strategy they can to undermine your legal argument in court. They can reduce your award if they can uncover proof that your injuries are not as bad as you say or that you are engaging in activities that are making them worse. If your case is still pending, it is crucial that you do not unintentionally provide them this evidence. But far too frequently, innocent accident victims jeopardize their own cases by being irresponsible with their online personas.

You may have heard the adage that everything you say can and will be used against you in court; however, you should also be aware that whatever you post or are tagged in can be used against you as well. Even if your injuries are life-altering, what you or your friends write can destroy your personal injury claim. The best course of action is to simply deactivate your accounts and avoid using social media altogether between the time you meet with a Florida car accident attorney and the time your case is resolved.

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